Easton Stealth CNT Bat

Easton Stealth CNT is one of the most popular products of the Easton Bat company. The Easton Stealth CNT series caters to a variety of player types. There’s a stealth bat model fit for high school or college students, amateur players as well as professional baseball players.

The manufacturer assures customers that their stealth bats are individually tested and tailored to possess the Easton Stealth Technologies. It uses the Sc900 alloy which is a lot stronger and more durable than the usual Sc888 alloy used by other brands. The Easton Stealth CNT bat contains pure Carbon Nanotube (CNT), that are most definitely stronger than the carbon fibers found in other metals. The product has a capped end for greater barrel extension. The pro-tack grip is soft and cushioned as to improve the batter’s grip.

The company gives a 400-day limited warranty for their customers covering manufacturing defects like dents, cracks, breakage, detached ends, rattling, etc. Easton sports instruct their buyers to keep the receipt so they claim their warranty. Theirs also the usual 30-day money back guarantee provided that the bats are still concealed. Warranty claims must be made directly to Easton sports. These stealth bats are also BESR certified and are usually priced at around $279.

As for availability the company’s website has a ling where customers may click and then proceed with their orders. Standard shipping fees apply of course. However for those who would want to get the feel of the bats first before ordering they can visit local Easton Sports shops in their area if available.

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